I haven’t been on the computer for few days now.  Evelyn is always with me and we are having so much fun together and we meet a lot of dogs and people. She is getting used to places that we visit regularly, like Park Zrinjevac, Sheridans Irish pub in Savska, cafe bare Art knio Grič and few more cool spots. We both love sleeping in Baza in Petrinjska because it is nice and cool. Here in Croatia we have another late summer heat wave and unfortunately all the crops are suffering.

Two of us will soon find another spot, so we can have our place for resting and I can work on my projects.

If anyone knows about nice studio or 1bed flat in Zagreb please let us know on muppet email 😀

Anyway since the last post, so many things have happened and we are enjoying Zagreb that is slowly becoming livelier because summer vacations are near the end.

I have met Adrian, owner of Sheridans Irish pub and we will be working together on few things in his pub. I am so happy for this opportunity and i hope we will make his place one of the best spots to chill out, have good conversation and enjoy awesome beers and whiskeys.

There is one more story developing but this one I have to keep secret for awhile 😀

Also in Baza we are kicking off from September and we have few new ideas for this club.

I leave you with a photo of my sister superstar 😀 😛