I am here for a second morning in a row and I know this will be my place in Zagreb for chilling and working on my super special Dell Latitude D400 laptop ūüėÄ

Marko and Tiho are great and friendly and the spot beside the window is my favourite.

Zagreb is empty this time of year; everyone runs to the sea. It has been raining for last two days and people are are glad after one month of sunny hot weather. Irish people are jealous I’m sure, they are having crap weather most of this summer. I always used to be upset about being in Dublin during summer; so I am so happy now to be in Croatia and enjoy this blessing of a weather…

TOday I am meeting a lady that is 24hr carer of her child and for that she is getting minimal support from the government. One of the many sad stories about the state of affairs in Croatia. So I will be honoured to meet her and her son and I am hoping to help her as much as possible.

I will tell you more about my volunteering ideas and projects on a separate blog and I hope I will have your support. Together we can do so much for these mostly single mums fighting day and night for their children. They are REAL HEROES in our society.