We are in Omv station near Zagreb and there is so many cars passing by, but I need to cool down in the shade while Muppet will be looking for a ride for us :D

Meg is learning Croatian from a Croatian for tourists book; I think she will learn more by talking to crazy Croatians here. 

They love dogs here, I met so many new friends and last nite I played so much with Orion, he is younger then me so I showed him who’s in charge hahahaha woof woof…

Zagreb was so nice, I loved playing in the Park Ribnjak fountain and Bundek lake was cool too. 

But now I am so excited about Brac and meeting so many new dog and human friends. I am so lucky to be here in Croatia, think I will tell Meg that we stay here whole summer.  Maybe even a bit longer then that. That silly Muppet just woke me up by spilling water over my face. He is lucky I am in a good mood today grrrrr….

I leave you now and will let you know later if we got the ride….

Animal love,