It is something I would say every blogger who goes personal online has to wonder.

We are in everyday life sharing a lot with people around us even strangers, but when some of us do it online, people find it uncomfortable or too much. Why are we so scared to share with others? Is it our own insecurity or just a need to keep our lives private? I can share as much as I want and people still want know what is really in my head. We all have such rich lives inside our own mind and not a single person thinks the same way. We just share some similarities but we are still always unique; but we forget that maybe our closest friends have different ideas,dreams,paths…

The hardest thing is to accept yourself the way you are and to accept others. Patience and tolerance is my mantra but I am not surprised when people don’t have it. It is part of their path and when they are ready to learn they will. I don’t know anything, only bits of the whole, but I always keep an open mind and because of that I am growing. If because of that I lose some friends then we were only close when I was behaving according to their norms, but when I go totally free on my own path, they detach.

I think about lot of them almost every day, but I don’t get upset beacuse of their lack of understanding, when the time is right we will contact again. And then there are people who accept me the way I accept them; those are real,true friends for life. It doesn’t mean that others aren’t but just at this moment in time we are not connecting.

I leave you now, because the life outside is waiting 😀 😛


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