ZAGREB 07.07.2012.


Here I am at Hausmajstor Baza in center of Zagreb; this morning I went to see my friends Jagec and Mladen  in their flat where I stayed for  5 days before I moved here to Baza on Stef’s invitation;

As usual on this trip, I changed plans as I meet people and new stories open up 😀

Nothing is set in stone… next stop is Rijeka, but maybe Ljubljana first.

In Rijeka I will see my mum, sister and hopefully cousins.

I saw my mum for lovely dinner when I was in Munchen; we did a day trip to Slovenia and Croatia with Sinisha and Lucynda; it was a magical day that I haven’t wrote about yet. Some things are so deep in heart that they don’t need to be written down.

I am so relaxed,living every moment fully and  really grateful; everything is just natural, I don’t try to be anything or make a fuss about what I do; I’m just living the life that I dreamed of since I was a kid and I feel like a kid free to explore the world in which ever way he want’s…

I now that this way of living is not for everyone but we should all feel this natural state of freedom; cause this is what we are in essence… whatever Freedom means to you, go for it and don’t be afraid of change… only then you will be truly happy…

Nobody owes anything to anyone, we are here to share, sing, dance, enjoy, love, help, explore, create, wonder, learn, teach, run, walk, hike, talk, listen, be loud, be quiet and above all enjoy the ride…

‘It is just a ride’ 😀

Listen bellow to the wisdom of Bill Hicks, one of my comedy and wisdom heroes 😀

Udo i nave; peace and love

O’Muppet ❤