This is first time I’m going to write in English anda Croatian, but not the last and intention is to have this blog translated in as many languages as possible with the help of friends.

Well Zagreb is as I wrote in one of the previous post a special city for Muppet, only city that I never lived in but I feel like I did and I always come back to it and always something special happens here 😀

This time I have seen Mare after so many years. We know each other from our teenager years and we met in Krk during summer where she used to come for holidays. We haven’t seen each other much in last 12 years but many times I would think of her. She is one of the people that I admire so much and one of my heroes. She suffered a car accident where she was a passenger and she lost her abilitty to walk because of it. But the wheelchair didn’t stop her to achieve so much in life and to finish college and run her own private rehab center in Zagreb.

I hope that now we are going to be in contact more often then before and that the technology and science for people will disabilities will bring new oportunities fro recovery. But for my friend importnat thing is her strenght,love and peace of mind.

I’m staying here with a new friend and his brother, great guys from Zagreb and we have lods to share and I was kindly offered to stay as much as I want. I will do some bussines here in Zagreb and also organize things and make plans for the rest of the summer. Great things are ahead for Muppet and his new and old friends and for many people that we haven’t meet yet.

So as this old computer is taking the time to accept my writing I have to go now and collect my bag that I forgot on the tram in Zagreb but some good man probably driver has collected it.

Life is so good to Muppet that it has to pinch his muppety face every day.

Looking good for final tonight, Italy to win 2:1 is Muppet prediction with goals from Balotelli and Pirlo and Torres for Spain.

Muppet bye until later from 37 deegres in Zagreb…


AND Croatian text later, this grandpa comp needs a rest and linux Ubuntu OS cause windows is too much for it… 😛 😀