Spain is together with Barcelona most impressive team I have ever seen in football.

I don’t remember any final with such dominance and conrol of the game like today. The key was that they finally used the amazing passing game very effectively and they weren’t just killing the opponent with endless passing; old rule attack is the best defence is proven again. It is shame that Italian players were too tired and that their coach choose wrong tactics. But to be fair no team in the world could beat Spain the way they played today.

Just heard amazing fact that Xavi and Iniesta have played together since 2002 and this was their 20th mayor final out of which they won 17.

I don’t think their is a better partnership in the history of the world and that is why we all go mad sometimes and we say it’s boring. We don’t realize that we are privileged to see two players that a a team are rewriting history in every new season. I’m so glad for Spain even though as I admit now my sympathy was also with Italy because of everything they showed in this tournament.

I’m also happy that small country like Croatia was a tough opponent to Spain and it gives me faith that with a bit of luck we could do well again on the mayor tournament.

Would love to be now with some of my Spanish friends and enjoy their celebration.

Viva Espana, thanks for awesome play and Italia be proud,  they were just too good today.