Sunny with 24 degrees already here in Zagreb; should be 33 later, happy days.. 😀

I’m sitting in Marinello cafe bar near Jarun lake where their is loadz of sport facilities and the InMusic Festival is happening on one of the islands on the lake; will try to sort out the pass later. For now I’m enjoying the coffee here and free WiFi…

Sent emails to most of my friends here so hopefully someone picks it up. Some of them I haven’t seen for such a long time…

I really need to get an sd card reader or cable for the camera I got from Gaz, because I have so many photos to post here.

Later I will also add seperate page dedicated to all the awesome photographers and I wish to share daily one photo from each of them and one of my photos even though I am only an amateur 😀

This one is from Berlin on Day 10 😀