Another good night with Maja,Ana and  Gaz… It is strange for a muppet to be in a place for a bit longer… Got used to moving and traveling.

Feel so at home in Vienna, as much as I felt in Gdansk… I’m in a reflection mode a bit these days, this trip has been full of insights for me and also I cleared a lot of negative feelings and emotions… Including anger that wasn’t necessary.

I started this blog with intention of writing about all that is good and bad in our world…. So far focus was mostly on good, but I will have to write about dark side of the moon. We all have our doubts and as I got 1000 views in Muppetzone I realize I have a chance now to connect to many like minded people even without meeting them in person.

So I will be adding more material about different matters and subjects I have an interest about.

I was always interested in probably to many subjects and trying to do too many things at the same time, but as I grow older and turn more muppety, the focus is better and I’m becoming more productive…

So with these thoughts I leave u…

Nite nite world of muppets pretending to be human… 😀