My dear muppet friends,

What a day yesterday; it was impossible to upload anything because of lack of free wifi and also I was too tired trying to figure out how to get to Croatia.

After Wroclaw I took bus to Langiewiki, thinking I might get a hitchhike there; but after two hours in the sun, nothing happened, so I decided to get the first bus to some other place; it was Bielawa, that was cute but deserted place; so I had there a good nap and then moved on to next town called Dzierżoniów

there I stayed for few hours; a nap on a bench,got some food in local supermarket and then went to train station to catch a 9pm train to Klodzko

this is where I walked around for an hour, before retiring on a bench near river to have a nap.

I checked that there are trains to Wroclaw and also Czech republic early in the morning.

Then 4 polish guys woke me up and they were so surprised to see a Croatian in their town 😀                             So we spend couple hours together teaching each other our mother tongues and having a beer and great laugh.The mighty four were: Poliglota Vasilj, Najebanie Stasiu, Oleg the Basketball boy and Najebanie Hasyl…

then we parted around 3am and I went to Klodzko Glowny station; there I waited longer because it was Sunday.

Around 5am a station keeper offered me tea, beer and breakfast; what a legend and then we talked in a mix of Slavic languages and bit of English. He was such genuinly nice guy so I will make sure to come back and visit him in his little village near Klodzko.

With his advice I took a train to Ústí nad Orlicí and I payed a ticket till polish cause that was 9 zloti; they don’t take Visa electron.

So from there I was traveling for free all the way to Wien

First I got a train to Česká Třebová where there was a direct train to Vienna at 10.18am; so after usual Muppet tactics I went thorugh whole Czech republic to Wien; on the train I met Jade; girl from London traveling from Praha to Wien for few days.

So that’s a short update, photos will follow some day 😛 😀

Now searching for Gaz my anglo-irish mate who works as a chef in Wien.  Since I missed the wedding there is no need to rush to Rijeka; so hopefully we will watch the game together; Come on England…

over and out…

muppet on the road…

peace and love