So traveled over night and in the morning from Gdansk to Wroclaw by train; got a good deal on tickets; student price 😀

Met in first train basketball boy Marek, had a nice chat about NBA; another guy that I met was Jacek,also very cool…

In second train from Poznan to Wroclaw I met Magda, Polish girl that speaks very good Croatian and her friend Anna; wish them great time on the festival and hope they want be too tired cycling 😀

Now lodged my camera in Lombard Krupnicza to get some gotowka 😀

Sitting in Royal hostel where Hubert on reception kindly gave me a wifi password so now I’m looking for best connections forward; still a good chance that I will make it.

Over and out…

Muppet sur la route

P.S. thanks Piggie for support 😛 hope u r not to hangover today