Moja domovina 😀

in Gdansk or as my dear Irish will say G-Dance hahahha


I will upload later stories from previous days with a help of friends but it is more important now just 

to continue experiencing…

Last nite in Gdansk was special, so just to say thank you to:

Gogo Montangero, Machado de Olive, Didi, Shanti, Meg, Steph, Phillipe, Manue, Inga, Lucy, Daniel,Shunjo, Shona, Prsho, Ladinho, Boki; Ubavka, Jasho, Lanchi,Robi, Hrki,Mireia,Victor,Shane,Fawaz,Srna, Alen, Tomi, Goran, Kitty the amazing chef,Zucho, Spiglinho, Jaca, Natasa, Sandra, Janko x 2, Shaka, Slaven- odjebaus u skokez hahhaha

Sinisha, Emina, Tristan, Milan, Fadilj, The security guy with a Gandalf beard, he is a legend, sorry for reacting like that at first :D, a polish girl that kept croatian jersey safe, her friend that was dancing with us and so many more from last night and the time before that… 

u enrich my life very day and thank you for that… I feel so grateful for everything… a

and last but not least, hvala svim gradovima i posebno to all trees,lakes,rivers,mountains and to More


udo i nave; peace and love


😀 ❤


ur Butrageno, Shupljicko, Aguero, Kole, Tsunami…