Lucy and I woke up at 6.40am in a jolly mood. We had a coffee and fruhstuck together and talked a lot; then Daniel joined us and we packed some clothes and presents for my mum.

At that time my plan was still to get to Poznan and stay there during the Euro12 if I get a job in Irish pub.


But that morning I stayed for to long talking to my hosts and I only hit the road around 12am to try to get to Poznan by 8.45pm. It was a hard goal to achieve without a car; so when we arrived to Ausburg by train I decided to stay there with Daniel for the game.


We shared the ticket with 3 student girls on the way to Ausburg; they were fun and two of them signed my Croatian jersey 😀  it was Yayoi from Japan and Stefanie from Germany; cant remember now the name of the third girl that left the train earlier then us.

As Dani and me arrived to Ausburg; we were both tired and thirsty so we sit in the first bar that we so on the way to city center. It was a Serbian bar, but with also Croatian flag and newspapers.

There we had a coffee, talked to locals and they told us about croatian bar called Jet set.

Dani went to synagogue for few hours whilke I was relaxing and watching Roland Garros final.

When Dani came back we went to center of this beautiful old bavarian town and we found a cool place and shared a beer with our last cash. Then we went to this croatian bar; we met some guys there, but it was all reserved and I didn’t like the owner; he had only money on his mind; so we decided to go back to the place where we had our beer.

Barmen Sascha was cool and as we watched the match, few people joined us on the bar so we talked to Niko from Greece and his friend who is a profi joggler with a disability; he is famous in Germany and he used perform with Cirque du soleil; but now he is a freelancer.

I was a little bit dissapointed that I’m not watching a match with my Irish and Croatian friends so I started wrtiting just before half time names of all the people that I’m thinking about at that moment; it lift my mood and goal from Jelavic in 42.min for 2:1 helped too 😀Image


Croatia played very well; Mandzukic and Jelavic were a constant threat to Irish defense and I was so happy; Niko kindly bought me a glass of Jameson,happy days 😀



When I started the trip, I promised to myself not to ask for anything for money from people I meet; to ask for help and to help others is my way of doing it and I was confident I will meet great people during the trip and that even without much money this trip will be amazing; maybe even more because of that…

my creativity is constantly awake during this trip and I’m learning a lot about myself in short period of time.


So we won 3:1 and I was in jolly good mood; Petra and Tobias started talking to me and again Petra was very kind to buy me a drink; we had a great time together till 1am and we shared our details to stay in contact.

Daniel and I then took late train back to Munchen and we arrived home late after taking a taxi and promising a driver who was from Serbia to pay him back tomorrow; we left my camera and tennis racket as a security.

Slept like a baby again and was very happy with another day where I met new friends and also Croatia started the campaign in a great manner.