09.06. Sabbath with Daniel and his friends

We woke up around 7.30am and had a bit of a coffee and I played with their kids. Around 9am, Ludwig, Daniel and I went to synagogue and I got a kippe there to have while I’m with them. It was very interesting experience; I was greeted nicely by everyone and I read quite a bit about Sabbath tradition and about what prayer means to Jewish people. I was very grateful for a chance to experience the Sabbath with them.

After the synagogue Daniel’s friend Rami has invited us both to join him and few of his friends for a lunch; another big honor.

As we arrived to his house I was given another kippe because I left the other one in synagogue.

Lunch was amazing and as I didn’t take my camera that day because of respect to that tradition I will describe it in a separate section when I have time to properly edit the section about the food and drink on this trip.

Here I will just mention that avocado with eggs was a great healthy protein kick and it tasted fantastic 😀

Also the homemade pickled gherkins were to die for;such a good spicy kick to them; as the host kept bringing them we were all enjoying it tremendously.

Also we were first offered nicely chilled Absolut Vodka citron and we all got chilled silver shot glasses which were presented on a beautiful silver plate.

I had quite a few during that fantastic meal and great company with fine gentleman.

That evening we had a nice walk in city center before we went for the evening gathering in synagogue. It was built from 2003 to 2006 and it had a special hallway in a memory of holocaust victims. What impressed me was simplistic design with only words from Torah written in Hebrew. It was very airy and bright and it had such contemplating feeling to it.

First there was a lecture by a Rabbi about certain rules for Sabbath, but it was in German and a bit too fast for me to follow so I spend time reading a fascinating book about Vilna G; who was a very special man from 18th century. I was so interested that I even remember that I stopped on page 38.

After the lecture there was a prayer fro the end of Sabbath and then we all went to Einstein restaurant where there was a lot of delicious kosher food served.

Afterwards we went to Ludwig’s home to pick up my luggage and then we went to Daniel’s mum house with U Bahn.

As I met Lucynda we straight away connected really well; she is very wise,practical and funny woman and that night we were sitting and talking till 3.30am and only the tiredness made me to go to bed.

What an great day with Daniel and his friends for theirs special day; I was honored to share it with them and it was good day for me to reflect on last few months that have been so full of amazing events and meeting wholehearted people.

And Lucydna became my german§polish§british mum 😀