08.06 Vendredi at 11:41AM in a train to Munchen!?

00:15  so when I came to Milano I decided to move on with a train; the trip from Modane to Milano was for free,the ticket office in Modane wasn’t opened and nobody was checking tickets on TGV 😀

I bought the ticket to Venezia via Verona for 17.95 ; which is over the budget but I felt I need to keep moving and I knew that hitchhiking is not an option that late at night…

I was supposed to get to Verona around 2.20AM and then wait till 5.15AM for a train to Venezia; well it didn’t happened that way 😀

As I arrived to Verona around 2.40AM I have wondered around station to pass time; then I met Daniel from Munchen and Per from Sweden; they started talking on the train from Milano and were both on the way to Munchen. Daniel was in a rush; because he had a very important business meeting to attend at 1PM in Munchen; so I offered to help him find best solution to get there on time…

In the mean time we started talking and connecting on different levels so I decided to get off my route a bit and join him on a trip to Munchen…

Now we are on a train together and he has organized to postpone the meeting for two hours. I will call mum to give her update.

I might have to skip Croatia to get to Poland faster and from Munchen I will be very close to Poland. I will know more in the afternoon… mum knows me well so she want be too surprised with change of plans; and I will see her on first opportunity…

Hoping to update my yesterday posts with some photos and

should be able soon to post regularly with photos…

after 6:00PM

so as we arrived to Muenchen we were first greeted by a lovely lady selling ice creams in front of train station; she is Daniel’s friend and she was so kind to give us some amazing ice cream to try; I had two scoops with coffee and nut flavor, it was so good and perfect welcome from people of Bavaria.

Then we went with a taxi to this important meeting for Daniel. I was there with him for two hours; it was raining or as Irish would say pissing outside and I just waited in the hallway,browsing through my papers and trying to read some French newspapers;

After a successful meeting we went to Daniel’s apartment, but his key was n’t there in mailbox so Daniel called his friend Sinisa to collect us and drive us to Daniel’s other friend Ludwig where we gonna have dinner later and also we will sleep over.

As we were waiting for Sinisa, I called my mum and explained to her the situation and she was very understanding and wished me luck. I will see her after Poland.

Daniel and Ludwig went to synagogue as it was start of the  Sabbath; I was invited to join them but since Sinisa and his uncle Zdravko had time for a beer I went with them to traditional Balkan food restaurant and we had pasulj and some cevapcici; it was great; felt like at home 😀 also the local lager

Hessel was very good; washed down the food well.

We watched first half of a Rusija vs. Ceska while eating and I correctly predicted that Russia will score first on counter attack; as we left it was 2:0 for Russia and football was of a pretty good quality.

We drove back to Ludwig’s house where I joined his family and Daniel for traditional Jewish Sabbath meal.

It was a great honor to spend a lovely interesting evening during their traditional Jewish ritual.

Conversation with the host Ludwig,his wife and Daniel was very insightful and I we shared a bit of history,ideas and traditions.

I went to bed just after 11pm; so tired but also so happy it has been another amazing day…