So as always not everything goes as you planned in the beginning.

My intention was to post on this blog as often as possible. but life was too interesting and I just

didn’t make enough effort to do it. But now time has come to kick it off properly.

I’m going to to; goal is to arrive there this evening or tomorrow morning.

I’m starting in Grenoble;France(845km from Rijeka) where I have spend few amazing weeks and met quite a few wonderful people. This is the weather as I’m preparing this morning-matin

After; where I’m going only for a day to see my mum and sister; next goal is Poznan in Poland.

Idea is to go through Ljubljana and Vienna to visit friends and then from Vienna to Poznan. I have to be in Poznan on Sunday 10th June latest so I can see the match Croatia vs Ireland; hoping to meet many crazy Croats and Irish there and my good friend and amazing musician Billy Jackson;

And I will try to get some work done in Poland and stay there during the EURO2012 and follow

Thanks to dear friend Aga from Dublin I have a contact in Irish pub in Poznan,so that will make the kick off easier 😀

I’m bringing an good old notebook Dell Latitude D400 with this linux OS installed.

It’s from my dear friend Meg and I’m hoping its going to be my good mate so I can post regularly about this trip.

Now its time to move;I’m turning my mp3 player on with

next post will be on a fresh road blog…

Peace and Love